Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cadence Theatre Group

Across the river,
Behind the Hills,
There rises the sun with all my DREAMS
But will these dreams be fulfilled or will it remain a Dream…
These are the words that would have echoed in the minds of CADENCE
members while they worked to build their careers in the corporate world .When they sat at their PCs thinking
 "I want LIFE in my life"..........I want to feel the adrenaline rush of performing on stage!!!!!!I want to live my life in piece-meal fractions of Lights Camera Action.”
 Than may be their eyes wandered on the family picture on their desk or they thought of how difficult it would be to struggle now or thought of the words of some elder or peer who had advised them to get a proper career & stop doing "Nautanki"......& they muttered to themselves Robert Frost's words to themselves…
 “The woods are lovely & enchanting but I’ve miles to go before I sleep & I `ve promises to keep"& reluctantly they would have gone back to work.

But somewhere a young Lad choose to re-visit "The Alchemist’s” theory of pursuing your dreams & whispered to himself "I’ll make my dream a reality”. I will match the rhythm of my "Pranvayu"(the vayu or air that we breath to be alive) to that of "LIFE" that I desired.
This was the muse or inspiration for "CADENCE".
Cadence literally means rhythmic vibrations. For the cadence family it’s the rhythm of their Dreams, Passions & Life.
It’s a group formed to assist working professionals actualize either on/off camera as well as their theatre dreams.
 We are our own sponsors."We all` ve the same sky but different horizons “so despite it being a group started for working professionals its not restricted to them .Under its wings it now also hosts full-time actors. We all find un-parallel compensation in form of applause from audiences.


Ø  Successful first event on Jan 16th 2010.
Ø  Successful State level participation with Kirdar Group Mumbai.
Ø  Successful participation@Bhavans Comp. achievements of Consolation & Merit Certificates.
Cadence Hierarchy@glane....

Founder & Marketing Head@
Sahasrangshu Bhattacharjee (Anshu)
Chief Operation Team@
Ayaz Patel
Lalit Sasane
Ashish Srivastava                                       
Deepak dixit
Admin crew@
Dayanand Anchan
Farhad Modak
Event & Technical Support@
Harshal Rane
Namita Joshi
Poonam Tawde
Satish Naidu
P.R Team@
Reema Debnath
Rakhi Jain
Finance Controller@
Dharmik Vyas
Board of Advisor@
Anirban Bhattacharya
Our Directors@
Jagdish K Maharana
Mohani Bhoj
Jamshed Coyaji
Other Active Members@
Suayash Joshi
Manoj Yadav
Renu Shukla
Christopher Dias
Sidderth Mohapatra
Vaibhav Nalat
Vikas Dixit
Kkrupa Pancholi
Deep Singh
Manish Bishla
Balvin Justa
Sanjeev Rai.

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